Shop Update

March 2021

Thank you everyone for your support over these last 8 years, and even more so this past year during the pandemic. As I move the shop forward, renewing and rerooting myself in the commitment to the values I founded it on, I want to share with you the plans that have been set in motion as they begin to unfold. 

Over the next few months the shop will be evolving to expand its presence in the community as a source for eco-friendly products, sustainability, and a community space for learning and growing. This business is my passion and serving this community is my joy. I'm looking forward to taking you all on this journey with me. 

What will stay the same:

-We will still continue to offer eco-friendly children's products, including clothing, toys, and body/wellness products. We also continue to carry Nuna gear because of their commitment to sustainability in manufacturing and production, as well as to their value and partnership with independent stores. 

-We will still continue to offer natural and sustainable products for expecting and new mothers. 

-We will still continue to offer our cloth diapering selection and rental program, as well as consultations for cloth diapering

-We will still continue to offer classes, events, and programming for children and their families that center around play, development, and learning. This includes our online classes for cloth diapering, babywearing, and tummy time, as well as in person classes when we can resume those under state guidelines. 


What is changing and coming in the next few months:

-Our production selection will be streamlined and selective based on sustainability, both environmentally and for the benefit of our local region. This means simplifying in some categories and expanding in others. 

-We will be changing our name and our branding. I'm excited to reveal all of that to you when the time is right! Gift cards with remaining balances will remain valid under the new name. 

-We will be offering products beyond the children's category, including our own in house products. This has been a project percolating in the background for many years now and I can't wait to finally get it off the ground and into this space. 

-We will still continue to offer some baby carriers, mostly ring slings, but in general we will be limiting our selection. This was the hardest change for me personally but the industry product-to-customer model has changed so much in the last 6 years that it's no longer a viable category for my small indie shop. I will still continue to offer babywearing consultations and my online babywearing class will remain up on the website. 

-We will be expanding our class and event offerings beyond the children's category once we can resume those under state guidelines. The sky is the limit here and I'm excited to see how we gather together in the future. 

More updates as things move along!