3 Ways to Beat the Heat: Summer Babywearing

3 Ways to Beat the Heat: Summer Babywearing

When stopping by the shop to try on and buy a carrier, many people question how warm they might become in the carrier with hotter weather in the forecast. It's an important question to ask yourself when picking out which carrier will be best for you and baby as you take on summer together. Here is the simple breakdown on summer babywearing.

1. It's safe to say that anytime you put two humans together, skin to skin, and then stand them under a hot boiling sun that things are going to get a little sweaty. The first thing you can do to avoid or at least decrease a soppy sweaty display is to hang with the cool kids in the shade. No shade for as far as the eye can see? Try wearing a large brimmed hat to cover both you and baby. You can even grab one with UPF 50

San Francisco Hat Co. Panama Straw Wide Brim Hat

2. Travel light and free. Wear light layers of natural fiber clothing on both yourself and your baby. This will allow moisture from sweat to wick away from the skin. Cotton t-shirts and sleeveless tops are always a good bet. We love L'ovedbaby's short sleeve organic cotton kimono onesies and sleeveless rompers for baby. If you want something even more incredible that will also block odor and give you a little bit of natural sun protection for yourself, you can splurge on this thin layered merino V-neck top that is a dream for absorbing all the sweaty mess. To check if your baby is overheating, simply check the back of their neck for redness and sweating. Take a break by stepping into some AC or laying baby down on a blanket in the cool breeze.

Wool Stella V-Neck Made in USA | Ramblers Way

3. Pick a baby or toddler carrier that has natural fibers. I always recommend natural fibers first. They love to absorb and they are soft against bare skin, like exposed arms and shoulders.

If you love the idea of soft woven organic cotton but without all those extra passes of fabric that a wrap requires for use, the Chimparoo Trek is your carrier. It's lightweight and it's doesn't require any extra pieces for a smaller infant or a bigger toddler. It has a nice big pocket in the front for carrying your essentials and a hood for some added sun and wind coverage for baby. Straps can be worn both straight or crossed on your back for added comfort and less under arm chaffing. Great for front, back, and hip carries. 

If you want something a little more streamline on your body that still allows a cool breeze to pass through, the Beco Gemini has your name all over it. Cotton material, no extra pieces needed for a smaller baby or toddler, no extra pieces to confuse you or way you down. Just a clean streamlined carrier that is well made and easy to use. Straps can be worn straight or crossed on your back. The fold and snap down panel top gives babies past the 4 month mark a clear view of all things that spark curiosity. Great for front, back, and hip carries. 

If you are an avid hiker and like the idea of a light 1 lb carrier that has the option to zipper up a water resistant front panel to expose some sweet breathable mesh, the Onya Pure baby carrier is a good match. It doesn't come with any pockets or a hood but this carrier is down for the adventure. I recommend this carrier for babies about 6 months and up so that you don't need to use an insert. It has a very tall panel so those of you with babies with longer torsos will appreciate how much room this carrier gives you for growth. You can wear the straps straight or crossed for front carriers. Great for front, hip, and back carries. 

If you want something that's even more compact, lightweight, has no buckles, and allows for comfy sitting for morning brunches (or on an airplane), then a linen or silk ring sling is the way to go. Silk is particularly nice for lounging at the beach or by the pool as the fibers easily release salt water and chlorine when rinsed following your adventures. Linen is naturally anti-bacterial and thermo-regulating so it's also a win-win for summer (or winter!) alike. Great for front and hip carries. Can also be used for a back carry. 

And if you plan on hitting the pool, lake, or beach regularly all summer long with your baby but also may take in the shops and sites, there is a carrier for that too! The XOXO Lite Buckle Wrap carrier does it all for you. Put it on your body in a few simple steps and get it all done with the simple ease of taking baby in and out without needing to undo anything. It's mesh, it's stretchy, it has a buckle waist to simplify it all. Plus it defends against 87% of UVA and 95% of UVB rays and doubles as a water carrier. Use for front carries from birth to 35 lbs. *Stretchy carriers are not recommended for preemies. 

Not having your baby until the Fall or Winter? We've got you covered. Check out our woven wraps and save 10% off with code WOVEN

And make sure you remember your other summer essentials like:

-Natural baby and family sunscreens

-Natural bug repellent

-Brimmed linen baby bonnets

-Leather baby and toddler sandals

-Swim diapers and wet bags

-Natural deodorant (it's also baking soda free!)

-Bug bite and rash balm

-Baby and kids sunglasses with 100% UV protection (and a 1 year warranty!)


Amber Chaves is a pediatric occupational therapist with over 14 years of experience working with children and their families. She is originally from Colonie, NY and received her BSOT from Boston University. She is certified in babywearing through the Babywearing Institute and holds additional certifications in the area of pediatrics with a focus on the first few years of life. 

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