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Rustic Strength

Sustainable Wool Scrub

Sustainable Wool Scrub

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Luxurious anti-microbial sponge alternative for face, body, dishes, surfaces & fruit. Produced on a carbon-capturing regenerative farm in the USA. 

Scrub Care | Wash with soap and warm water after each use, then air dry. Optional to use a dishwashing machine. Machine users have found this shortens the wool scrub’s life to around 4 months. Do not wash in the laundry machine. Placing in the sun periodically can further sanitize and return white color. It will tighten with first use and remain the size of a regular dish sponge. Firmness may increase over time to gain scrubbing power. Once worn thin, compost them.

Labels printed on 100% compostable grass paper

Made in the United States


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